Law Of Cosines

Application Problems

A motocross race runs along a triangular course marked by corners A, B, and C. The motocross race starts with the riders heading West for 3700 meters. The other two straight aways of the course lie North of the first straight. Their lengths are 1700 meters and 3000 meters. Draw a figure that gives a visual representation of the problem and find the angles for the last two straight aways of the race.

Determine the distance between three hikers, when the angle from hiker A is 42 degrees; the distance from hiker A to C is 35 miles; the distance from A to B is 20 miles. What is the distance between hiker B and hiker C?

A landscaper has a triangular patch of ground that has stright lengths of 725 feet, 650 feet and 575 feet. Find the measures of the angles of the patch of ground.